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At the moment gps-service.biz is the most functional and quickly developing service of vehicle GPS tracking for private and commercial purposes. It supports all popular mobile platforms, such as Android, J2ME, Symbian OS and WinM. The system processes information received from the fuel level sensors and fuel consumption sensors. The data from the incremental transducer and the sensors of passenger/object presence is also taken into consideration. The system supports more than 100 types of GPS trackers of different manufacturers. Among them there are both portable and professional GPS trackers from all over the world. SMS messaging interacts with more than 99% of world’s mobile operators.


About us

When developing our project we stacked on a quick and extensive advance of vehicle and personal GPS trackers all over the world. Our prime customers are owners of mid-size car fleets, who will always be able to use our service free of charge. We don’t have any limitations on the period of information storage or summary reports and we are always glad to get your comments in order to improve our service. For the organizations dealing with integration of GPS solutions and willing to develop GPS tracking under their own brand, we will be glad to offer special terms for a mutually beneficial cooperation.



Vehicle GPS tracking will help you decrease company's expenses on transportation and get a total control over your vehicle as you will be enabled to instantly react to unexpected situations, bringing down risks these situations may cause.
Our free GPS tracking system is based on the usage of modern hi-tech devices. A device installed on your board equipment will connect to a satellite and locate your vehicle in online mode. The data is then being sent to a supervisory console via different communication channels. At the moment free GPS tracking if offered to the companies specialized in logistics.
Implementation of new methods makes GPS tracking more economic and allows its users manage their time better.
A GPS device aboard is by no means a way to prove the driver’s being inexperienced, rather it is a way to decrease car's operating costs. GPS vehicle tracking enables servicing of a greater number of clients in a shorter period of time. It lets the driver avoid unreasonable fuel expenses and prevents the car from abusing and theft of the property. GPS startover is composed of three steps: purchase of a tracker, selection of a plan, setting of a device.

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